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    CS4 v4.1.0 some vob files import only first few seconds


      I have a mini-DVD camcorder that creates vob files which I wish to edit in Premiere Pro CS4 v4.1.0.


      I find that there are four .vob files on the DVD, one is a chapter index, the other three compose what I recorded.


      I am able to import all of the latter three, however, only the middle one includes the full track of 16 minutes.  The first and last one import as only about 10 seconds instead of the seven minutes each is.


      I tried to work around using DGIndex.exe and MeGUI Modern Media Encoder for the other two, but this only gives me the video, without the audio.


      So, either I need a way to rip the audio off the two vobs and hopefully not mess up the lip sync too much or to get the vob files to import correctly into Premiere Pro.


      Any help appreciated.  This is Windows XP SP3.