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    Drag and Drop - Drag Image

      I'm using the Flex DragManager in an AdvancedDataGrid with HierarchicalData to allow the user to drag and drop tree nodes to re-order them. It is working fine. The problem I am having is with the drag image. The drag image does not always show up. It seems like it will appear for one drag and drop. Then if I try to drag another tree node I do not get the drag image there is just a line to show I'm dragging something.

      When I say drag image I mean the faded image of the text of the tree node which appears as I drag the tree node.

      I am using the following properties on the AdvancedDataGrid to enable drag and drop:

      dragEnabled="true" dropEnabled="true" dragMoveEnabled="true"

      Now if set dragMoveEnabled="false" then I do get a drag image everytime. But I need move the tree nodes around not copy them so I need dragMoveEnabled="true".

      Thank you