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    Bitmaps.  why only sometimes.

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      What determines if a bitmap (magic wanded object) can have filters added to it or not.


      Sometime, when I've selected an object on a one layer bitmap, it gives me the option of adding filters such as drop shadows, etc., and sometimes there are no options at all in the properties toolbar.


      Thank you!!!


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          pixlor Level 4

          It shouldn't matter.


          When you say "magic wanded object" is that how you're selecting the object? Because the magic wand selects pixels in a bitmap object, so that you can operate on the selected pixels. If you want to select the bitmap, you use the selection tool (arrow) as you would for any other object (or select the object in the Layers panel).


          If I'm misunderstanding you, then can you insert or attach a file you have problems with? Maybe someone can figure something out.



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            estherwarda Level 1

            Thank you for responding!!


            I'm attaching an example.  I want to be able to apply shadows, bevel, etc.etc.  like there is in Sample1.


            But the properties that show even if I've selected an area is the one in Sample2.


            Long story short.  I want to select the image and add filters to it.


            Any idears?


            Thank you!!!


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              pixlor Level 4

              I opened your image in FW CS3.

              If the image is not selected, I see the controls in sample2, just the options to adjust the canvas.


              If I select the image using the selection tool or through the Layers panel, then I see the controls in sample1, where I can apply filters.


              I think the problem is that you're trying to select pixels from the image, which is not a full object:

              But the properties that show even if I've selected an area is the one in Sample2.

              An area of a bitmap is not the bitmap - it isn't the object. The magic wand tool does not select the object.


              If you want a bevel around the entire rectangular region of your image, then select the image with the selection tool or from the Layers panel


              If you want, for example, to put a bevels around just the non-white portions of your image, then that's a little trickier, but you can do that, too.

              • Select the white area with the magic wand tool (you will need to experiment with the tolerance and feathering as your image is anti-aliased)
              • Use menu item Select > Select Inverse to change the selection to the non-white portions
              • Use menu item Select > Convert Marquee to Path to create a vector object that matches the positions of the logo elements
              • Fill the path with white (just...trust me for now )
              • Apply the bevel to the white composite path.
              • Set the blending mode of the beveled path to darken (since white is lighter than any other color, only the beveling will blend onto the underlying image)
              • Use menu item Modify > Canvas > Fit Canvas to enlarge the canvas to accommodate any beveling that is outside the boundaries of the image.


              Is that what you're going for?

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                estherwarda Level 1

                Wow... Worked perfectly!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                Although, I can't get it to look sharp.  http://turlockteammagic.com/


                I did a white glow and brought all the points down to the least blur, but it still looks a little feathered.


                I'll pay with it a little more.


                Thank you again!


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                  What might be better, is to make the compound path object (still white) and then give it a stroke (also white). Adjust the width of the stoke to the width you want your white outline to be. Then, select the object and the bitmap and Mask > Group as Mask.


                  I think that will give you the effect you're going for. You may need to add some white pixels to the edges of your bitmap, depending on the size of the outline you want. You also may need to tweak some of the nodes on the object as the initial selection of your anti-aliased white pixels will not give sharp corners. For that, you can use the sub-selection tool (the arrow on the top right) and the tools under Window > Others > Path.


                  Or, even easier... Add some white pixels around your image. Select the white background; invert the selection; use Select > Expand Marquee... and increase the selected pixels; invert the selection again; delete the selection (which is now most of the white background). Of course, this will give you rounded corners on your white border, if that's okay. Also, feathering the selection by one pixel before you delete it will soften the edge a bit.

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                    estherwarda Level 1

                    I like the fill with the stroke.  That worked the best.


                    You have been so extremely helpful.  Thanks so much for your time and effort.


                    Sure i'll see you soon with my next problem!  hhaahahh..



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                      Cool! Glad it worked for ya!


                      See ya next time!