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    QofQ Limitation?

    WestSide Level 1

      I have this master query that I want to run a sub-query on.  It works fine until I add a sub-select within my subquery..  This seems to be a limitation of how QofQ is built.  Are there any alternate solutions or does anyone have any insight.  I essentially want to do a sub-select in the query that I'm using against my master query.



      Psuedo code...


      <!--- Sub Query --->

      <cfquery name="result" dbtype="query">

        SELECTt col1, col2, (

                                       SELECT Count(*) FROM tblName

                                      ) as numWidgets

        FROM masterquery



      How can I achieve the net result, I'm fine doing it another way if can be  done

      Any help appreciated..