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    Hey, Looking for good video tutorials. Any help guys?


      Alright so I picked up a bundle of adobe software from my good friend.. the master collection I beleive. He use to work in video, photo, audio editing and has now grown sick of it and retired. I asked him if he wanted the software and to my luck he said no and let me have them.


      I installed a few of the things to start off with, only the ones I know what they are for... (Most of the stuff here just confuses me)


      I installed Photoshop, Premiere pro, After Effects, and Audition.


      Photoshop was easy to get used to, I found out how to do a couple things and I can do very basic things in it currently. I plan on learning it myself... it is very self explanatory. Audition is a piece of cake, I'm just starting to learn how to use the effects on right left of the screen.. but It is very simple. Nice job Adobe. But when I reached Premiere and After Effects I hit a rock.


      I literally have no Idea what to do. I guess that is where the "pro" comes in. What I'm looking for is like a very well made video tutorial I can buy that can make you proficient in Premiere and After Effects.. and maybe some videos that teach you advanced tricks in photoshop and audition aswell (Like stuff I wouldn't be able to figure out myself) Now I don't want them to be like "The idiots guide to ...." I wouldn't mind if they are a bit difficult. I'm just looking for the best video tutorials I can find on how to work these products. I don't mind if I have to go out and buy the set and if it includes all the other products aswell. I plan on learning them all. (Not to a professional level so I can go out and work somewhere.. I just find it interesting )


      Any help would be great guys, I'm looking forward to your suggestions.