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    Burning DVD process stops


      When I tried to burn DVD with menu , burning process stop after rendering. When I remove menu and burn" play all" disk ,process ending

      successfully. My project contain 1 hour and 7 minutes video with titles , narration and music.I have Core 2 duo processor 3.0 GHz

      which during freezing is still working in 50% his capability and I have 4 GB RAM using in this time 75% capability (running 32 bit home

      premium Vista with 3,5 GB effective RAM memory.

      Can somebody explain this ?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, a couple of questions:


          1.) What version of PrE are you using?

          2.) Which Menu set are you using?

          3.) Did you modify the Menu(s) in Photoshop/PSElements?

          4.) Do you have Chapter Markers, and a Scene Selection Menu, or just a Main Menu?

          5.) If you have Chapter Markers, can you describe exactly how they are set up?

          6.) Does the Disc layout Preview properly?

          7.) Are there any error messages, in either dialog screens, on in the lower section of the PrE GUI? If so, what are they?

          8.) What type of blank disc are you using?

          9.) What brand of blank disc are you using?


          Good luck,



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            tedpiet@comcast.net Level 1

            Thank You for very quick respond. I try to answer on Your question as correct as I can.

            1.Premiere Element 4.0

            2.Menu from program templates from travel section


            4Main Menu +1scene menu with 7 scenes

            5I have scene marks and they set-up as scene mark




            9TAIYO YUDEN

            Some update: few days ago I was able to burn 3 disks with menu. This time in the burn screen , rendering process running O.K. and when

            program go to burn disk I si progres bar start to be blue and stop aftermoment. Do not see any message.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thanks for the info.


              Since you have burned other DVD's, and Taiyo Yuden are about as good as it gets (Verbatim is also great), that pretty much takes the blank media out of the mix.


              The general layout of the Project sounds good, and I have not heard of any issues with the Travel Templates. Which ones in particular?


              Now, if you can post a screen-cap of the Timeline with those Chapter Markers, there might be something there. There is about only one thing that I can think of, and that is a Stop Marker out of place, or similar. As most of the Scene Selection Menus are 2 x 2 (total of 4 Scenes) per Sub-Menu, you should have one Main Menu and then two Scene Selection Menus. If all works in Preview, there is probably not an issue with the Chapter Markers, but maybe someone can spot something in the screen-caps.


              Right now, I am at a total loss, and you have helped rule out about everything that would commonly cause issues.


              Good luck,



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Are you able to burn to a folder on your hard drive rather than directly to a disc?

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                  tedpiet@comcast.net Level 1

                  Hunt And Steve

                  Thank You both for respond. To continue find problem I try to burn project to folder instead of disk.Result was same , burn stops after

                  rendering stage. Here is screen shot #2


                  In next step I also removed stop marker - result is same

                  I ben using "road trip" menu from travel menu section of templates , and I positioned main menu on very beginning of the project , then 7 scene menus on beginning of each scene and also stop marker on the end of project. Screen shot #1 showing menu screenttScreen Shot12.jpgPlease advice me what should I take as next step to resolve this issueScreen Shot.jpg

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                    tedpiet@comcast.net Level 1

                    I think it's time to close this thread. Problem is resolved , but I don't know this happen. I performed this steps

                    1.I have several projects residing in Adobe folder. Some of them I was able to burn to DVD with menu , however

                       when problem with burning start , none of this projects could be burn to DVD with menu. while burning DVD

                       with out menu was successful for all projects. I also notice that program was running very slow.

                    2.Uninstall and perform clean installation PE4

                    3.Placed in project scene markers only and somehow main menu page was created automatically by program.

                      After this , burning DVD with menu didn't create any problem

                    I would like to know if somebody have explanation for this behaving

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Glad that you are now able to Burn to Disc.


                      It could be that the installation had become corrupt for some reason, or that the Scene Markers in some of the Projects were not set correctly, and PrE 4 was unable to add the Menus per those marker, or a combo of the two. Of course, that does not rule out something completely different.


                      We may never know, but your being able to burn is great news and thank you for reporting.


                      Good luck,