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    Air .app distro on CD/DVD not executing on OSX



      I'm distributing an Air app we've developed for a client on DVD.

      We have the license agreement and the correct files to distribute our app along with the Air runtime itself.

      We have successfully run the application installers from our hard drives locally on both Windows and OS X machines (files ending in both .exe and .app)

      But, when we come to burn these files - the exact same working folders - onto a disc, only the .exe works. The .app file refuses to do anything. If we execute the .air application - on machines with Air installed already - the application installs and launches fine.

      Is there something obvious we do not know about?

      Our config file ".airinstall.cfg" simply contains the name to our .air file: "msc.air" should there be some sort of other referencing? eg "./" before the filename? It works locally on both windows and os x the problem only occurs once the files are on a removable disc/media.

      Any ideas?!

      We've only just discovered this issue and we're due to ship to the duplicators within 24hrs!!!!


      Many thanks for any help, advice or just ideas!