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    Adobe AIR 1.5.1: issue on opening encrypted DB

    mrHanditan Level 1

      Hi all,


      I got a sqlite DB that's encrypted using sqlite3 command line tool:

      sqlite3.exe -key test123Test test.db


      I able to do this encryption because I bought the SEE license.


      And I did test that the encryption does work, I could not view the DB content directly using the DB Admin Tool I have but I could view the content using the sqlite3 command line tool.

      I believe the reason why my DB Admin Tool couldn't work because it doesn't have the SEE license.


      Anyway, I tried to open this with ADOBE AIR and I did make sure passing the encryption key as part of the argument.

      But what I got is an error msg:

      Error message: Error #3125: Unable to open the database file.

      Details: An encryption key cannot be specified when the database is not encrypted.


      So this brings me to this question:

      - What kind of SQLite encryption does ADOBE AIR really supports?

      - Does ADOBE have SEE license?


      Please enlighten me.