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    Stroking a Path


      I've got a drawing that is currently composed entirely of paths. It's a pretty detailed outline drawing, so lots of closed and open paths, some quite small in size. My next step is to stroke the paths to create a vector image for printing. And now here's my question, which is so basic it feels dumb to ask, but I'm extremely new to this. (Thanks for your patience!) Is there a way to stroke all the paths at once? Or at least all the paths on one layer maybe? When I try to select all and stroke, I get an error. Thanks so much for your help!

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          JETalmage Level 6

          What do you mean by "stroking a path"?


          You are using ambiguous language. Use the terms of the program.


          A path is a path, whether it has a stroke, a fill, both or neither.


          You apply strokes and/or fills to paths.


          A path that has a stroke applied is still a vector path, and will print as it appears.


          In this thread and in your others, it sounds like you are using the phrase "stroke a path" to refer to the command to Outline a path's stroke. Object>Path>OutlineStroke draws a new path around the edges of the stroke of the original path, thereby (in the case of an open path) "replacing" the original open path that had a stroke applied with a new closed path that has a fill applied and no stroke. But that is not necessary in order to print something. Strokes are just as "legitimate" as fills for printing.



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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            First of all what you want to do is of curse possible.


            In the tool Panel or what some refer to as tool bar there is the proxy for fill and stroke. stroke is the opened box or outlined box if you wish.

            Click on it to bring it to the front. You can select all if you wish and give it a stroke as long as you have a color selected as well.


            Once the proxy for the stroke in in the front you can select a color fro the swatch panel, the color panel or double click the stroke color proxy to bring up the color picker.


            You use the stroke panel to select a weight for the stroke you need both a weight and a color to make a stroke.


            You can select all items on a layer by clicking to the right of the circle in layer. You can then apply a stroke to all the paths on that layer.


            If the objects or paths are locked you will not have much success.


            So what we need is to no the error you are seeing.

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              mygenaddy Level 1

              Thank you for your responses. I figured it out on my own after a lot more experimenting.


              JET, I apologize if my terminology was confusing, but you have to remember I am brand new to this program. I was using a term I had read online and in using other software as it was the best way I knew to explain what I was trying to do. Your response to me was a little rude, in my opinion. You could have just answered the question or asked for clarification without being insulting. Why are forums always like this?


              Anyway, I do appreciate the help. I realized how to select multiple layers, and I also realized I did not need to "outline stroke" since I'd already applied a stroke when I initially drew the paths. It appears I'm just going to be learning this program through hours and hours of trial and error!

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                mygenaddy wrote:


                It appears I'm just going to be learning this program through hours and hours of trial and error!

                In case you do not have a copy then you might consider acquiring a copy of Mordy Golden's real World Illustrator CS3 or CS4 he wrote both and you might try on line Lynda.com

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

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                    mygenaddy Level 1

                    Thank you, Wade. I don't have any good book resources yet since I just got started with this over the weekend. I'll definitely check it out.