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    ERROR: E_ADEPT_IO Activate Error %20#2032

    Bob Larue

      I have tried many times today (11/8) to authorize my new Astak EZReader Pocket Pro device but always get the subject error message a short time after being told that Adobe Digital Editions is "Connecting to Authorization Server".  This new reader is a replacement for a defective unit which authorized without a problem about one month ago.  Any suggestions for getting around this problem will be greatly appreciated.


      I forgot to mention a very wierd attendant problem:  each time I try the device authorization and get this error message, I find that my internet connection has been lost and the only way I can restore it is to shut down and restart.  As long as I don't attempt the ADE device authorization, my internet connection (via Verizon FiOS) functions normally. This one really has me stumped.