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    Problem accessing public function in another module

      Hi there,

      I have only started working with Flex 3 only couple of days ago. I am a Delphi experienced programmer if that helps.
      I have created a small Flex Project which contains 3 Flex modules. The modules are not loaded as SWF files but with the <local:......>.

      My modules are data-aware and they work fine on the first change state. I am also able to update my data by pressing a button.

      I have two big problems I hope you gurus could help me.
      1. Is it possible to access a public function written in a different module ? (Once again I state that I load the modules using the <local:formname/>
      2. Is it possible to execute an action when I change the currentState because my script only fires only with the creationComplete which triggers the first time.

      my module code looks like
      <mx:Module xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" width="780" height="560" creationComplete="doInit()" >

      public function doInit():void
      rs = new HTTPService;



      Thank you all guys and really really sry for being such a n00b :( :( :( :) :(:(:(
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          atta707 Level 2
          have you tried

          <local:formname id="fn"/>

          and then in your script this.fn.doInit() should work!

          Do you have the event on which you're chaning the currentState? If so, that would be place to add more logic.

          For a more graceful solution of the latter take a look at the enterState and exitState event of the State class.

          By the way, are you sure why are you using 'modules' versus custom components here?

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            karanaso Level 1
            Hi again,

            First of all let me thank you for taking you time with me...
            I tried the id-thing unsuccesfully, I have uploaded my source at mywebsite ( http://www.sekdev.com/test/Ermineia.rar) I hope you could take a look. Having said that :) :) could you plese provide with an example of how this.func() would work on seperate states. Or an example how I can fire an event on change state within the different module or how from the mail application I can fire a function that resides within a module.

            Feeling stup.....id at 32 is a really bad feeling man :) :)
            Plz help and thx again :)