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    Illustrator 'quits unexpectedly' every time.


      Hi all. I bought the Design Premium Student Edition CS4 for mac os a few months back and had trouble just getting it installed. At first it was the serial not being accepted, no matter how many the Adobe help desk gave me. It turned out that I had to make a completely new administrator account. Still don't know why.

      Everything was fine 'til a few weeks later, Illustrator would close halfway through working on an assignment, and still now it wont open at all. It brings up the loading page then closes and brings up a box with "The application Adobe Illustrator CS4 quit unexpectedly." and so on.

      I have uninstalled, reinstalled just illustrator and also the whole of cs4. I have tried deleting all the preference folders. I've moved all the illustrator folders onto the desktop and tried opening from there, still nothing.

      I have called Adobe support people but I am sick of getting no results. I am hoping that someone else has had this problem and had it resolved.

      If there's any other details I missed that you need to know to possibly help me out, let me know.


      Any help would be appreciated. =]

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          This may be your friend, whom Customer Servise should have introduced you to: http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cs4clean.html


          Be aware that if you have Vista, you should reboot before starting Illy after moving the folders.

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            Benvegnu13 Level 1

            Hi Jacob,


            I tried the cs4 clean up thing but it didn't work. Still can't open Illustrator. Also it didn't actually pick up anything to delete.





            You'd think actually buying the proper program it'd damn well work, it's ridiculous now.

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional





              When the folder moving and the CleanScript do not help, you may try one of the following (with tests):



              1. Corrupt font(s): you may move all fonts out of the  Windows fonts folder (and move them back in);


              2. Firewall interference  (especially if more than one is running (XP SP2 adds one if activated)): you may  turn them off (and on again);


              3. Some versions of Acrobat generate many  temp files. Too many (64K) causes the problem: you may search and destroy Temp  files;


              4. Some other inconsistency caused by Adobe Acrobat/Reader: you  may try uninstalling and reinstalling (a newer version).


              5.  Incompatible/old printer definition file for the default printer: you may  upgrade the driver, change the default, or set the PostScript driver/PDF to  default;


              6. Using a US/English version of Illustrator with Windows set  to a different language: you may enter Control Panel>Regional and Language  Setteings and change to English (and change back).


              7. Quicktime/iTunes: uninstall Quicktime and make sure the Quicktime folder is deleted in the Program  Files folder; and/or uninstall iTunes.


              If none of these possible solutions work, have you made any (other) changes to the PC between succes and  failure? New software loaded?

              Otherwise, you may have to try Customer Service again.
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                tandemitejs Level 1

                Same here. Tried all "suggestions", went from bad to worse.

                There is one "solution" though : create a new account on your MAC and start AI from there. That works for me.

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                  Skullmaker Level 3

                  I think one of the solution in the future is to stop buying Adobe products.


                  As for right now take it to: ( adbecare@adobe.com ) It is a lousy service too but not as bad.


                  Adobe does not care about customers, only money. Stop buying its products and Adobe will start listening to you

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                    Software: Adobe Illustrator CS4

                    OS: Windows XP

                    RAM: 1GB DDR3 memory

                    Problem: Adobe Illustrator CS4 Unexpectedly Quit on Save and also when drawing




                    1. Uninstalled and reinstalled CS4. - NEGATIVE

                    2. Delete manually everything in Adobe folder on C: and delete everything in the Adobe registry. Then reinstall CS4. - NEGATIVE

                    3. Changed default printer from network printer (at the office) to doPDF (Adobe PDF document converter) - POSITIVE



                    PROBLEM SOLVED!



                    Note: I read somewhere, someone said it had something to do with printer spooling or something.