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    Unsupported File 86::1


      I have spent months on After Effect/Premiere Pro CS4 editing a video.  Today, when I opened it up in After Effects, it said 49 files were missing.  When I clicked on them to locate them, it gave me an error saying these files are not supported.  How were they supported yesterday and they're not supported today.


      I tried deactivating, running as a trial, and reactivating, but it didn't work.  :/  Any ideas?

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          One of your applications failed to update properly which in turn disabled support for MPEG CoDecs. Launch Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder and Encore and see, if one of them throes an error or triggers a post-install install for the CoDecs. If not, download the manual updaters for those apps and ultimately also AE from the support pages and run them. Failing that, only a full reinstall can fix such issues.



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            I uninstalled CS4, did the clean script for CS4 and CS3, and reinstalled.  The problem with Premiere recognizing my videos seems to be fixed.  Thanks for the advice!