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    [Win7][PProCS4] Video Preview Playback not smooth


      Hello,I have just upgraded to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. But I'm running into problems in PPro CS4. The video preview doesn't play any of my footages smoothly. I've tried lowering the quality, but it still plays the video unsmooth. This never occurred back when I was using Vista Home Premium 64-bit. I've tried installing and reinstalling CS4 on my computer, but still no luck. Then I developed a hunch that it's an OS issue.


      So I decided to dual boot back to Vista, reinstalled CS4 there. And the video preview played quite smoothly. I had no issue there. But upon further thinking, it's quite silly for an OS to affect the video playback in PPro. So now I'm thinking that it is an issue of codecs. I uninstalled my K-Lite codecs and reinstalled them, but it still didn't fix anything.


      I'm at a lost. I believe that it is an issue of codecs that affecting the video playback in PPro. If that's true, how can I thoroughly uninstall all the codecs? Or perhaps there should be certain codecs I need to get? If it isn't the codecs, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks. I don't want to keep going back to Vista just to edit my videos. I like PPro to work on Windows 7.


      BTW: I'm on a quadcore computer, 4gigs of ram, 512mb nVidia video card. All drivers are updated. I edit .MTS files (AVCHD).