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    How to write 'If' formulas in designer?

    Jen Sav

      Hi there,


      I have just been given the task of converting all of our existing forms into livecycle designer and am struggling a little bit with the formula side of things. I am trying to create a form that calculates the amount of km's driven by the $ amount allocated for for the range of km's and then to give me a total, this is the formula i have created and the km's range i am trying to work with:


      form1.#subform[0].Subform1.totalkms::calculate - (FormCalc, client)

      if(kms120<200)thentotalkms=40.00elseif(kms201<520)thentotalkms=95.00elseif(kms521<700)then totalkms=150.00elseif(kms701<1100 thentotalkms=223.00elseif(kms>1100)thentotalkms=273.00endif


      Rates paid per kms (return)

      120kms to 200km      $40.00

      201km to 520km        $95.00

      521km to 700km        $150.00

      701km to 1100km      $223.00

      >1100km                   $273.00


      the problem with this formula not working is it always tells me that there is a "syntax error near token "thentotalkms" on line 1,column 26". I have tried to rewrite it so many different ways but it just doesnt seem to work.


      I have attached the document for visual representation and hopefully someone can help me as i will be needing to use these quite a bit.


      Thanks in advance