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    The AIR can be used for the EXE/Direct3D based game?




      Hello there.

      I'm a game programmer.


      I saw that the AIR is being used for LOL(legend of leaders).


      I don't know  is the AIR used for just game launcher? or in-game UserInterfacce?


      Some of games are implement user-interface by the SWF(flash output) with the Scaleform.

      Scaleform is C++ library which rendering SWF using Direct3D on the game screen(also include fullscreen) and notify event that interaction with the user input through the C++ level event.


      It provides with .h, .lib, .dlls



      The AIR can that above things?

      The AIR can be used for the exe based 3D game?




      AIR 를 이용해서 스케일폼처럼 게임 내부의 UI를 구현할 수 있는지 궁금합니다.