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    LoadVars AS2.0

    anish chapagain


      I'm passing few flash variables to PHP and displaying them back successfully, but the problem is my PHP script in the sametime loads the variable being pass to flash to MySQL database and it is not loading the float value.


      here's my AS2 code.


               " /Name:"+result_lv.name+ "Qty:"+result_lv.quan+

      " /Desc:"+result_lv.desc+

      " /Clr:"+result_lv.color+

      " /Amt:"+result_lv.amount+

      " /Size:"+result_lv.size2+"OK!!."+result_lv.namecheck;


      these all variables are ok. and displaying correctly: the php line is

              echo"id=$senderId&name=$senderName&desc=$senderDesc&color=$senderColor&amount=$senderAmou nt&size2=$senderSize&quan=$senderQty";

        echo "namecheck=$check";


      and mySQl in same code is:

              mysql_query("insert into db.cart(cartItem,cartSession,cartSize,cartColor,cartQty,cartAmount)

                           values ('$senderId','".getcart()."','$senderSize','$senderColor',$senderQty,$senderAmount)");

      Here, the last two variables $senderQty and $senderAmount is not getting pass to MYSQL table..but are ok in Flash return above.


      Looking for nice guidance, thank's.




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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          your query looks incorrect.  use:


          echo "insert into db.cart(cartItem,cartSession,cartSize,cartColor,cartQty,cartAmount)                     values ('$senderId','".getcart()."','$senderSize','$senderColor',$senderQty,$senderAmo unt)"


          to see what you're doing.

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