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    Creation of Topics in RoboHelp 7

    Pallaviprakash Level 1



      I am trying to generate Help file out of word document through robohelp 7.0. The problem is the topics do not get separated as per headings. Like say for example, the heading style ( outlining level ) goes like this:


      Level 1

           Level 2

                Level 3

      Level 1

           Level 2

                Level 3..so on ..


      When I import the  document, I check options to create different topics based on Headings, I check heading 1 , 2 and 3. However, after generating the final output, the first 3 levels in bold are organised correctly, however, the next level 1 Topic and topic levels thereafter are not separated into separate pages, it continues along with the Topic marked level 3 as a continous section.

      Has anybody encountered this problem before. Or do i have to bookmark my topics ? Is there any setting that I need to do in Word or the tool ?

      I am not sure about this, looking forward to more inputs on this.