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    Text to markers

    Jimmy Alenius Level 1

      Hi! We are doing some subtitles and using Clip Notes for the translator to bring the text in to After Effects. We then link the markers to a text layer to bring the text in to the composition. But sometimes it would be great to take a script directly in to AE, so my question is if there is some sort of tool to get the right syntax when converting a txt file in to the .xfdf file?


      Regards / Jimmy

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You might get better answers on that on the Acrobat forums. An XFDF is just some structured XML metaformat, but off hand I'm not sure how it associates the comments with the document. This surely involves some hash math, which may be a closed feature to prevent tampering. if it is documented, surely it will require deeper digging into the Acrobat SDK, so most likely it's nothing that can be done with a script.