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    Technique(s) for keeping fast pans/zooms smooth?

    LudaDave Level 1

      I'm taking some simple HD (Sony HDR-SR11) footage pans and zooms that I filmed at a slow speed. By that I just mean I move the camera slowly during the pan and zoomed slowly. It's a promo spot so it's a pan of a room and a zoom out of a sign/building. The original footage looks great! Now I want to speed both up for a quick short fast pan and zoom and render the original 1920x1080 footage for use on the web. My timeline sequence is set for AVCHD 720p. When I just speed up the duration (about 400% to get the speed I want) I end up with footage that loses the quality look, kind of blurry in spots as if the resolution has been degraded and even some artifacts show up. Can anyone point me to a technique that will speed up my pans/zooms but keep them smooth looking without losing any quality or resolution in either PP or AE?