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    How do I draw an arrow?


      Is there a quick way to draw an arrow in Flash? I have seen postings from 2006 which say there isn't, but I wondered if there is a way in CS4?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          click the polystar tool (click and hold the rectangle/oval tool if you don't see polystar), select 3 side and draw a triangle.  adjust the width/height to suit your needs and add an tail with the line or rectangle tool.

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            MACnTUTOR Level 3

            Several of the Creative Cloud applications offer fast and easy options for arrow creation. From there it is only a simple copy and paste into Flash.


            1.) Adobe Illustrator. Once you draw a line, use the Stroke panel to add various arrowheads and tails. Size (by percentage) and align the arrowheads and tails according to your taste in the Stroke panel.


            2.) Adobe Fireworks CS6 (comes with Creative Cloud) has various arrow auto shapes that are easily customizable.


            3.) Adobe Photoshop also has the ability to add arrowheads to lines but because Photoshop is a raster (pixel-based) application, it is my last choice for producing line art.

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