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    Adobe Captivate 4 - How do I include the playbar in the movie, rather than below it?

    Eoin Mc



      As the title says, how can I have the playbar displayed inside the movie window rather than as a seperate entity below it?


      We used Captivate 1 up until recently to make our training videos. We would use the playbar "PresenterSilver" and then insert text boxes into the slides as a sort of guide as to what section the user was currently viewing. We would also use this to show the author and the date. A static image was used as a background also (this was created in Fireworks to look the same as the PresenterSilver background).


      This setup worked fine for all our movies. However when we upgraded to Captivate 4 the PresenterSilver skin is no longer there. The playbar is also no longer part of the movie but is below the window.


      I was wondering if it possible to include the playbar the way it used to be. If not, then can someone suggest a work-around? I was looking at it earlier and I see that you can use image files as backgrounds around the player. This is not ideal as I think that the images remain static for the entire movie. And we could not have a set image (e.g. Part 1 for slides 1-3, Part 2 for 4-6 etc.) for different slides, it would have to be the same the entire way through. If I am mistaken please let me know.


      Thanks for your help,