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    Video Doesn't Show While Capturing in PrCS4

    Fozziejenbear Level 1



      I was capturing my video into PrCS4 just fine last night and then when I switched tapes, my video didn't show anymore in the capture window.  It plays on my camcorder and in the capture window I can press play/stop/etc. and the counter on the left is counting the time just fine.  I also took the tape to work this morning where I have a SonyDVCam deck, but that gives me another issue where Pr recognizes it, but when I hit play on the deck it sounds like it's playing, but nothing appears on the capture screen and the counter doesn't even move.  My camcorder is a Canon HV30, using Sony MiniDV tape, shot in DV widescreen.  I tried turning off the camera and turning it back on, opening and closing the capture window (cause that seemed to work earlier in the evening), and restarting Premiere and the computer as well.  Nothing seems to work.  Any suggestions?


      Thank you!