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    Controlling RGB's?


      Hi Illustrators,


           I have a spec that specifies certain RGB colors for my images.  I see in my color swatch that I can type in the RGB #'s, such as


      Aqua = R = 80, G = 239 & G = 255



           When entering these values, one of the RGB's shows an explanation symbol in a triangle.  What does this mean?  It appears that if I have this symol, then my desired RGB can't be fully created.


           How can I avoid this type of error or get my desired RGB's to fully work?



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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          The caution symbol is meant to alert you that the colour is out of gamut when converted to CMYK. Since you are working exclusively in RGB I assume this is not for press, so it is probably not a concern. When working with RGB in Illustrator it is vital to ensure Document Color Mode (File Menu) is also RGB.

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            Harron K. Appleman Level 4
            I have a spec that specifies certain RGB colors for my images.


            I hope the spec also includes the color space in which you are to be working (e.g., sRGB, Adobe RGB...). Without that crucial piece of information, the RGB "numbers" are meaningless.