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    Integrating an external editor like tinyMCE or CKEditor

    Scott R. Hamilton Level 1

      Does anyone have a code example of the integration of one of these editors into a Flex application?


      What supporting middleware is needed to make this happen?


      How does the transition to the editor occur?


      I've been searching around in the documentation all day and can't seem to get a handle on this

      as everything I have read is too general.


      Failing that is there a good book that would cover this subject? I have "Essential ActionScript 3.0"

      but this deals more withe the internals of action script.


      Any help would be apprciated.




      PS: the code is attached. I would like to replace the RichTextEditor control with a suitable container to

      receive the html text returned by the tinyMCE or CKEditor