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    XYZ Camera Rotation w/ bezier curves - CS4

    Eric Bintner

      Hi, I've been doing a workaround but I'd like to figure out the proper way to do this...

      It's really simple:

      Camera rotates left 45º on y-axis (like you are turning your head)

      then, Camera rotates up 45º up on x-axis (like you are looking up)

      I want to be able to control the motion with bezier points.

      -- Problem: the y-axis rotation does not offset the x-axis rotation (apparently on world not local) and the camera twists the horizon line (like you are twisting your head like a confused dog)...

      Workaround 1:

      y-axis Rotate

      x-axis Orientation

      -- Problem, orientation does not allow XYZ bezier point manipulation in the AE graph editor (severely handicapped motion control) <anger><hostility>

      Workaround 2:

      y-axis Rotate on Camera

      parent camera to a null

      x-axis Rotate on Null

      -- Problem, keypoints to animate camera are on 2 completely different objects.

      There has got to be a better way. Please, please, enlighten me...

      (disclaimer: I'm used to Lightwave 3D's camera rotation, and AE7 messed me up with the new graph editor – velocity graph doesn't make any sense to me)






      found this thread after I posted (even though I searched):


      thanks Mylenium


      Gimble Lock is something I've fought in Lightwave so I'm aware of that. But a fixed world x-axis rotation on a camera seems AE specific – it's really weird.

      Last, Orientation and Rotation x-axis both seem to be world coordinates. Both produce the same problems if using x and y on the same parameters...





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are a couple of ways that I would approach this. The first would be to animate the point of interest instead of rotation.


          The second would be to put the camera on a dolly. I do that all the time by adding a Camera, then adding a Null, making it 3D and then moving the null to the same position as the camera (copy and paste position). I then name the Null "camera dolly" and use the dolly to move the camera. Now you can simply adjust the pan of the camera with the Y rotation of the camera and the tilt with the x rotation of the dolly or by animating the point of interest.


          It's nearly impossible to get the kind of movement you expect by setting X, Y and Z keyframes for camera rotation or by setting keyframes for orientation with Auto orientation turned off. Movement is much easier when you split the controls between a null and the camera.


          As far as adjusting the movement with bezier curves, you can control the timing with bezier curves, but if you want to use curves for the angle you'll have to use the point of interest and adjust these curves with the (g) pen tool in the comp window using something other than Active Camera View.


          I hope this helps. One of these days I'll put all of my camera techniques in a tutorial.