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    Pentax K-X issues with CS4 (MJPEG codec)


      Just got my Pentax K-X and I'm really liking the footage it's able to produce.


      I haven't found a great workflow, though, for using it with PPro CS4.  If I import the .avi files as-is, they show up in Premiere with seemingly no issues.  When I try to play them back, though, only a couple of frames show up (it stays on one frame even though the audio keeps going, and if I scrub I get a 2nd frame but nothing else).


      I installed the MainConcept Mpeg HD 4 trial as suggested by several forums on a Google search, but now whenever I import the video all I see is black.


      The best workaround I've found so far is to open the original .avi with Quicktime Pro and re-save it as a .mov - this takes a couple minutes per clip, which is much better than capturing a HDV tape, but I'd really like to just drag-and-drop these things and start editing.


      Any advice from K-X users or even users of the K7 / D90 / etc.?


      Also, what's the best way to setup my sequences for this type of video?