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    Copy protection

      Hello all,

      How can I copy protect my Adobe AIR app? I am not referring to protecting digital meida files (DRM), but the app itself, i.e. prevent someone from simply copying the .air installer file?

      Thanks in advance,
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          John Hall Level 4
          Had similar question and the link re: local store stuff might be useful:


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            Being as it is now 2010, I'm wondering if this issue of enabling protection of work created with AIR has been addressed yet?


            For those of us who are not creating work as a hobby or act of charity (ie, people who "have bills to pay" or need to "put food on the table") some form of copy protection would be really handy. One might say that without it, well, AIR is utterly useless to us.


            Any chance this glaring deficiency subtle nuance necessary to make AIR in any way feasible for my current project got fixed added addressed?


            (Sarcasm generated by intense customer (that's me) frustration with apparent apathy on part of Adobe.)

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              tedalde2 Level 2

              I'd think enabling such a thing natively in AIR would be a lot of work and not one that would necessarily produce the desired result; protecting an app from "piracy". The best thing to do would be to follow the model used by any other installable software; server-side authorization. Your app could be activated by the server according to whatever authroization criteria you want (payment, password access, etc) and that activation key could be put in EncrytedLocalStore. It wouldn't be foolproof (no software activation really is) but it would be Pretty Good Security.