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    Problems with PremierePro CS4 and Canon MD160 camcorder!


      I have installed PremierePro CS4 ITALIAN update version 4.1.0.


      I have some experience in Editing profession with Premiere Pro since version 1.5...

      I have this PC configuration:

      OS: Windows XP x64bit Corporate; Core2Quad Q9650; Motherboard MSI P45 Platinum with onboard Firewire 1394 port; 4GB RAM Kingston ValueRam; nVidia

      GeForce 9400GT 512MB; 3HDD WesternDigital 500GB.


      I have attached the Firewire cable on my "Canon MD160 DV-PAL" camcorder, that have the DV-IN and DV-OUT options.

      The problem:
      I can drive the Playback and Capture Recording on PremierePro with the Preview windows.
      But I cannot Export to tape nor preview on analog external connected PAL Monitor.


      I have connected the camcorder to external analog PAL Monitor, with analog AV cable, and connected the PC to the camcorder via Firewire 1394 cable.
      The "Preference>Device Control>Options" window display "On-Line" Status for Camcorder Device.
      I have Set Standard Video:PAL; Brand:Canon; Type:Standard; Timecode:Without drop-frame.


      But I cannot view any Preview on external PAL Monitor.

      I have a Standard PAL-DV Project with one Image Stills Sequence and Videos.
      I have rendered the timeline for Stills image Sequence.
      (The videos and stills display correctly with playback under PremierePro>Preview monitor window).


      I have also checked this configuration on Sequence>SequenceSettings>PlaybackSettings:

      -Checked: "Display Video on the Desktop with playback": ON
      -ExternalDevice:DV:25 720x576i
      -ProportionsConvertion:Hardware(if supported)
      -Audio on the Desktop: ON
      -Exporting>ExternalDevice:DV:25 720x576i
      -Unchecked "Disable output video during execution on backgroung": OFF


      But nothing happens!


      1) How can I do to view the Preview on my External PAL Monitor via Firewire>AV-Cable?


      2) With PremierePro 1.5 on another 32Bit machine I am able to view the preview on External PAL monitor.
      Also, with this 32bit machine, in Photoshop CS4 32bit, the preview on external monitor via camcorder display correctly.
      This isn't a camcorder problem.
      This can be a software issue? (PremierePro CS4 issue?)


      Hurry please for a response!