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    Can't post to YouTube with PrE 4

    sholmlund Level 1

      Hi again.

      I searched on the forums and found a Photoshop Elements user who posted a similar issue. But there was no resolution so I am posting here. Thanks for your indulgence.


      I tried to share my 4.5 minute NTSC DV format (720x480) video to YouTube using the 1440 x 1080 preset. It renders about 95% complete (according to the progress bar) and then I get a dialog with the following error:


      "Online Services encountered an error. The service will now be terminated or paused if possible. 10: Unable to send HTTP request with ::GetLastError of 12002."


      It has failed several times. I am going to quit PrE 4 and try again.


      Windows Vista Business

      Lastest Windows updates, QuickTime updates, IE8 etc.

      I have a YouTube account and can log in. However, I have never posted a video before.


      I rendered to disc using the 320 x 240 preset but the quality is no good. Dissolves are all blocky. Am I trying do render to a res that's not possible starting from DV? Is there a way to render to those YouTube presets first to disc and then upload it to YouTube?


      Sorry for my ignorance. I work in a small business and it helps to be able to ask questions of the forum. I realize some intensive googling might get the answer but I'm juggling several things at the moment.




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          sholmlund Level 1

          Ok, found the preset for 640 x 480 @ 30 fps with the On2 codec and am trying that. Still wouldn't mind an answer to previous question if it's obvious. May fire up PrE 8 again in the hopes it can render my project with a better codec. Can' remember if that was one of the new features.



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Well, there's no point in trying to load a hi-def video frame if your original video is standard DV. And it's not going to fix the quality problems you'll have when you display your videos on YouTube. Whatever you put on YouTube, YouTube will re-encode it an crappify it so that it looks pretty lousy. That's the only way they can host billions of videos with millions of up and downloads a day.


            That said, the FAQs to the right of this forum offer suggestions for making the best possible out of your YouTube experience.


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              sholmlund Level 1

              Thanks, Steve.


              I'm getting acceptable results with a 640x480 .flv file uploaded to YouTube.


              In search of better quality, I followed the FAQ suggestions for AVI -> WMV -> YouTube but run into the non-square pixel problem. What I mean is, I "shared" the video to a DV-AVI file at 720 x 480. I then chose the Windows Media DVD quality (3.0 Mbps) and exported my AVI file from Windows Movie Maker as suggested by the FAQ, again at 720 x 480 resolution.


              I then uploaded to YouTube. But in viewing the file, it is apparent that the video gets uploaded at 720 x 480 with square pixels. This makes the video look squashed. I could not find anywhere in the FAQ process to resize to 640 x 480.


              This square vs. non-square pixel thing has always made my head hurt but I think I am understanding this correctly. Let me know if there are any suggestions or if I am missing some setting somewhere.


              Thanks again.