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    FLV Keyframes


      It is my understanding that every FLV has keyframes, and the encoder allows you to choose the distance between them.


      I'm in a discussion with our video player vendor about this and she's saying this:


      The reason your videos won’t scrub is because you aren’t processing the flv with key frames. If you process them with key frames and then upload them our player will know what to find when the scrubber is moved.


      This makes no sense to me.  Can anyone tell me what they are trying to say here, or confirm my beleif that they dont know what they are talking about?





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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          In the Advanced settings at the bottom of the Video tab, you can set Keyframe Distance.

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            phunkya Level 1



            Thanks for the response, but I knew that.  What I'm asking is:


            Don't all FLVs have keyframes regardless of whether or not you set the distance in the advanced settings?


            My Video player vendor is telling me I need to encode my video with keyframes to get the timeline scrubber to work, and before I tell her that she doesn't know what she's talking about, I want to confirm with someone that all FLVs have keyframes by the very nature of the format and for her to be telling me I need to add them is rediculous because all FLVs have them no matter what distance you set manually.



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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              That I can't answer.  I use .mp4's myself.


              But one would think so.

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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Can't test at the moment, and I wonder what part of this may be a player characteristic.  I thought the "seek to the end" flag (not inherent to the flv) might be an issue.


                Anyway, try this: view the problem clip in an flv viewer.  Can you scrub?  If not, create two flvs (a minute or so each should make it easy).  Set different keyframe options, then one as you did your original and another with some other option.

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                  phunkya Level 1

                  Thanks everyone for weighing in.


                  It turns out that if I set the keyframe distance manually, then the player recognizes them.