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    Export Image Size


      I know this is probably addressed somewhere, but I can't seem to figure it out.


      I would like to set the Image size when exporting (ie. 300ppi x 300ppi).  I click export in Library mode and in the Export dialog, scroll down and under the file setting section I select  -  Format: JPEG  -  Color Space:  sRGB  -  Quality: 100  - 

      Under Image Sizing section I select  -  Resize to fit: checked  -  Don't Enlarge: Unchecked  -  size (in inches): 16  -  and Resolution: 1200 Pixels Per Inch.


      My output - in windows - I click on the new files properties and I get the following:


      under the GENERAL tab

                File Size:  31.6MB     etc.


      under the IMAGE tab

                Height:  76.80" (15360pixels)

                Width:   96.00" (19200 pixels)

                Resolution:  200x200 dpi          (Ughh.)

                Colors:      True Color

                Compression: JPEG


      under the DETAILS tab

                Image section

                     Dimensions          19200x 15360

                     Width                   19200 pixels

                     Height                  15360 pixels

                     Horizontal resolution     1200dpi   

                     Vertical resolution        1200dpi



      I really am at a loss as to the different dpi figures.  Can anyone clue me in on this.  The program that I need the image for is only reading the 200x200 dpi. And I need it to be 300x300 at 12"x12".   No matter how large or small I export the image the resolution is the same 200x200 yet in the Details section the what I will call true size of the image file is represented.


      Please tell me what I am missing and need to do to get the output I desire.

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          Vladimir Vinogradsky Level 1

          I believe the Details tab is giving you the correct info - your image is 19200 x 15360 pixels at 1200 dpi (or 16"x12.8") - I don't know about the IMAGE tab. I run Windows Vista and I don't have such an animal on my File Properties window.


          You question is actually very confusing and contradicting - you said you needed 12"x12" output, however your export dialog is set to 16"x16". Then you mentioned twice 300 dpi, but you said your program can only read 200 dpi. And again, your export dialog is set to produce not 200, not 300, but 1200 dpi!! You need to get your story straight, man!


          Simply put, if you need 12"x12" at 200 dpi, set your export settings accodingly (well, that's kind of obvious, isn't it?).

          This should produce the output file of 2400x2400 pixels.

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            a+bdg Level 1

            Vladimir, Thank for the reply,


            1st I believe you are correct about the Details Tab - but somehow to Windows (I am also using Vista Ultimate) and other programs are using the 200x200dpi designation under the Image Tab.




            Let me clear up my confusing question too and see if this helps.


                After developing I go to export and enter the following parameters (as suggested)

            Export LR 1.jpg


            Then in the properties of the exported file I get the following.


            Export Prop Details 1.jpgExport Prop Image 1.jpg


            Notice how in the DETAILS tab I get the parameters I specified (300ppi) and yet in the IMAGE Tab the file is denoted as 200ppi.


            no matter how large I specify the file it is denoted as 200x200ppi in the image tab and thus when I open it in any other program it is read as 200ppi.


            I have also opened the file on an XP system and I don't get the details tab in properties only the Image tab and the status is the same (200ppi)


            Does this make sense to anyone?

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              Vladimir Vinogradsky Level 1

              I am guessing the "JPEG Summary" and "Image" tabs are supplied by some 3rd party software, and not by Vista.

              For that reason, I would be cautios about relying on the displayed information. I spent a few minutes googling for "JPEG Summary" +tab, and I couldn't find anything that would indicate the source of that tab.

              I still would rely on the information displayed on Details tab (exists in Vista only, not in XP) - it looks accurate.If you are still unsure, download IrfanView - a an excellent free image viewer. You can press "I" for image information when viewing your image in IrfanView and check your image dimensions and DPI that way.

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                a+bdg Level 1

                Thanks again.


                I doubt that it is third party, however I am going to look into hoe Vista handles images.  There may be some variables hidden there.


                I down loaded IrfanView and when I opened the image and checked properties I got the following.




                export IrfanView 1.jpg


                Notice the DPI boxes are empty.  This is the way it opened.  Anyway, I'll figure it out.  One thing I did notice is that when I exported at a higher resolution the filesize would be larger, and then in the image tab the resolution would stay at 200x200 but the size of the image would be larger by the factor of whatever my desired output/200.  example.  If I exported at 8"x12" at 400ppi the result in the Image tab would be 16" x 24" at 200x200.  I don't understand this.  I sort of get the desired out put but not really.


                thanks again.