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    computer wont detect camera on 64 bit os

    villain7 Level 1

      I recently reinstalled windows 2003 64 bit, everything runs good but i cant get my pc to detect my camera (sony hdv handycam)


      The thing is, when i plug in the firewire cable it comes up on the screen saying hdv in i.link, which goes away after a second(not sure if this is normal)  but i get no sound from my pc telling me the cam is plugged in.


      Now I've been using this cam on the same pc for about 6 months and no problems like this till now...


      Could it be the firewire cable I'm using is buggered? It just seams weird that the camera knows its plugged in but my pc cant work it out.


      I've tried everything i can think of... No battery, No Charger, tried both the firewire in jacks on my pc, both have the same effect, Tried all sorts of combinations of plugging and unplugging the camera and I was even desperate enough to try a firewire driver off the net... Nothing no sound from my pc and premiere cs4 just says device offline.


      I realise there are a bunch of people having similar problems, but i cant find an answer to my problem. so I'm sorry if someone has already answered this in a previous discussion.