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    nav bar

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      I am not new for fireworks, but I cannot make a simple navbar button. I don't know why the over state doesn't render? I don't have any idea, please help I spent 1 hour looking for the error creating a nav bar button and I can't find anything

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Having a look at the file.


          It looks like nesting the background in the button layer is the main culprit though. I moved the layer on its own and thngs worked as expected. Not sure why this problem ocurred, unless its an issue of the button symbol and the nested layer.


          Also, you've got at least 6 button symbols in the Library. Delete the ones you aren't using, to make it easier to manage. The Home button symbol had a huge slice drawn around it, so I set FW too create the active area automatically. The over state in that button symbol had two sets of text.