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    button not displaying the over state

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      I posted another entry before, but this is my problem, I figure it out.


      When I create a button with two states, lets say a text, up state is black, over state is yellow.


      it works fine when I put the button on the stage by itself. But, when move the button as a symbol and put it on top of a horizontal red line 12 px height width 950 px. The button over state stops working. WHY????? this took me 2 hours to figure it out why?? how can I fix this, this is driving me insane


      I move the same symbol and put it on top of the white canvas and the over state works, this is without modifying anything


      By the way, the navbar bacgkround is located as a subfolder (of the main folder called navigation bar) on a folder called navbar_background




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