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    My pass of information for the people looking to use Flex with BlazeDS

      I when approaching Flex Data Services (BlazeDS and Live Cycle Data services ).. I noticed there was a huge gap of understanding.

      So here are a few things I noticed which may help:

      BlazeDS is a java based meaning it needs a Java program such as Tomcat or JBoss to run..

      By standard blazeDS comes with tomcat that will run on your computer… And LCDS (live cycle data service) comes with JRun (for local development use only)…

      Remoting needs you to create a Java classes in order to pass data, for example from a database… Now this side of things is quite JAVA and therefore you’re probably going to need to do a lot of Java programming.

      However the messaging side of BlazeDS works well with flex… If this is what you’re looking into, you should concentrate on the produceer and consumer mxml objects:


      At first glance, these two seem stupidly simple and un-powerful, but as you start to understand how to use them between multiple applications, you will see how powerful they are.

      And the config files...!

      To get you pointed in the correct directions, review this blog and focus on the tutorial section:


      Also remember that before live cycle, it was Flex Data Services, try searching for some tutorials or learning materials on that.

      And also if your new to all this start with BlazeDS as it seems more user friendly. Its just like using a restricted version of LCDS. But works very much the same.!

      Hope this helps, JC