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    How do I keep instances added in order after saving?


      Ok so I've come across a problem in my pdf form. I got the add instance button to work and with some help from the boards here I managed to get it to add the pages in the right order. However, once I've added some pages and save my work, if I open the file again the pages added are no longer in the order they're supposed to be in. I've included the pdf so you can see what I mean. The pdf starts out as 4 pages with the middle two being the front and back of whats called a stat card. These two pages must be together to enable printing the form as a front and back page. But once the file has been saved after you've added another set of stat cards then it regroups the pages as front, front, front, back, back, back. I cannot let this remain this way if it's going to be at all useful to as many people as possible. Please tell me what's wrong with it and why it's doing this.