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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.2 Update information

    Sheri Codiana Level 1

      The update will post shortly. In the meantime, until the readme posts, here is some information on the update:




      New in this release

      • Panasonic P2 AVC-Intra material is now supported; new sequence presets are also included for editing this format.


      Notable fixes

      • Final Cut Pro Project Converter is now compatible with Final Cut Pro version 7

      • Final Cut Pro Project Converter now maintains timecodes from the originally captured sources from Final Cut Pro

      • Playback no longer stops when connecting/disconnecting a USB keyboard or mouse

      • Performance is no longer diminished in mixed format sequences during playback, scrubbing, and exporting

      • Third-party support


      Known issues

      • Use of Project Manager is not recommended for AVC-I since clip spanning is lost during project collect and copy

      • Clip duration in media browser does not match duration of clip once it is imported

      • AVC-I clips are redbar in native sequences



      Edited to add: there will also be an update to AME, and if you are an AJA customer, they shipped new drivers for both Kona (Mac) and XENA (Windows) today.




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