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    AIR application installed but not executing

      Hi All,
      I have created one AIR application and compile and packaged using Flex 3.
      Till packaging everything goes fine but when i install the application nothing appears on my screen.
      Looking into the processes running in the Window Task Manager it shows the application's exe running.

      Please Help.

      Thanks in advance.
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          I too am having the same problem.

          I am able to install the AIR app, but nothing appears when I go to run it, even though the process is running. I have found this to be the case with XP and Vista. Mac on the other hand works just fine.

          I have been able to run other AIR apps on my windows-based machines without any problem, so it must be something I am doing wrong.

          I have uninstalled the app, uninstalled AIR, and then reinstalled them both but to no avail.

          Any help would be much appreciated.

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            Joe ... Ward Level 4
            It would help others help you if you can create a minimalistic example of your code that exhibits the problem. Try removing everything except your WindowedApplication component and initialization code. If that somehow fixes the problem, put about half the stuff back in. If it still works, put the other half back in, etc. When you get something small enough that a curious bystander could understand it without to much effort post it here along with the application descriptor file.
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              Alot of times while developing air applications, we tend to forget that we are actually dealing desktop visibility and usability while clicking the ticks and such in Flash and well, flex, you just have to code it in.
              If you feel that your application works fine in mac and not in windows, its probably cos you have some code which is only mac compatible.

              My guess is that you set the NativeWindow.visible to false, it will still appear on your dock waiting for you to reactivate.. This is unlike in Windows where it will be just running in the background until activated or visible is set back to true. There would be no way to see the app in Windows and in Mac, clicking on the dock would bring it back alive

              Thats my guess, keep this post updated, I would like to know the result too.

              Murtaza Topiwalla
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                nross83 Level 1
                That was my guess as well. In the first version of my app, I actually had the main application's visibility set to false, but I suspected the same thing as you were thinking Murtaza, so I made the main application visible and removed all instances where it was not visible.

                But the problem still remains. I managed to add a <visible>true</visible> tag to the app.xml, so now when I run the app, I can see the window, but nothing ever gets displayed in it. On the other hand, when I run the app in FlexBuilder it works just fine.

                Any thoughts?