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    Tamil in Flash - workarounds?

    david_allen_mac Level 1

      Tamil is a major script, on the Indian subcontinent.  Reports are that Adobe does not support Tamil.  Is this correct?  Or not?  Tamil is the native script of numerous tens of millions of people.


      The immediate concern is a page in Tamil script.


      On http://www.idru.org/


      click 'Press release, 10 scripts,' then click 'Tamil.'


      The page is pulled from scribd.com. Scribd uses Flash, I understand; they make such documents available from the cloud.


      The Tamil on the page you get has broken glyphs according to those who speak and read the language - seeming to confirm that Adobe does not support Tamil.  (The other native script pages do, apparently, show the various scripts correctly.)


      Solution, workarounds?  If this is correct, will it work to load the Tamil font from the web server, though of course only for those visitors who click this page?


      Are there other solutions (besides, for instance, forcing download of a Word version)?


      Much thanks in advance, David Allen

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          moccamaximum Level 5

          Here they say Acrobat speaks Tamil since Version 4. So I think that would be a good workaround (better than Word, since Word embeds no fonts).

          If  a flash container is a requirement, you can embed the pdf in a flash file (AIR speaks pdf), but you have always to remember that the user is required to have Flash+pdf Viewer Plugins for his Browser.