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    How should I structure RH8 html for 26 Manuals

    alkifaf Level 1

      Very new to Robohelp and I have converted a Word 2003 Manual into HTML by saving the word document as a text file and then formatting the text using a css template.


      I have another 25 manuals to go and wondered whether I should have a total of 26 separate projects or 1 project which contains all the manuals. Each manual in a separate folder.


      Each manual will have its own TOC and there is no need for a consolidated TOC. However, I like the idea of Snippets and Variables which I could use across all 26 manuals. Each manual has to be published on its own.


      How should I use Robohelp?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          If any/all of the manuals will need to use the same snippets/variables, then one project would be the starting point. Then you would have to consider the total size, how many topics altogether? PCs are getting more powerful but some years back I settled on an arbitary figure of 5,000 topics and that works well. The number of graphics also comes into play. I had one person with over 7,000 graphics and the project was a pig.


          Within the project, create a folder for each manual to keep things tidy.


          You will need to create 26 conditional build tags and create a build expression where you exclude 25. Bit painful but it is a one off task and it does mean you can use your snippets and variables in any manual.


          If snippets/variables are not an issue and/or you will hit higher figures, then maybe separate projects would be easier.


          I see you you added the Word content by saving it as a text file. There are easier ways but that way you know that future problems are not down to Word import issues. There is an article on my site about importing if it helps.


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