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    Dropdownlist question

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      A question about dropdowns.

      I have two dropdowns in a menu.


      The data in the second dropdown is dependant

      on the choise in the first dropdown.


      How can I dynamically change the data in the

      second dropdown when a choise is made in

      the first one?


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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

          Use onChange() function.


          Here is an example:


          var dlg = new Window('dialog', 'Test');

          var myList = [ "One", "Two",  "Three", "Four", "Five" ];
          dlg.ddlist1 = dlg.add('dropdownlist', undefined, myList);
          dlg.ddlist1.selection = dlg.ddlist1.items[0];
          dlg.ddlist2 = dlg.add('dropdownlist', undefined, myList);
          dlg.ddlist2.selection = dlg.ddlist2.items[1];

          dlg.ddlist1.onChange = function() {
              dlg.ddlist2.selection = dlg.ddlist1.selection.index;

          dlg.ddlist2.onChange = function() {
              dlg.ddlist1.selection = dlg.ddlist2.selection.index;




          Changing selection in one dropdown list synchronizes the other dropdown list.