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    CS4 crashing problems - will the update help

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      I upgraded to CS4 early this year, but have long since given up on it, since every time I use CS4, either on my (Toshiba Qosmio) laptop or on my (Dell 690) Desktop PC, it crashes with ridiculous regularity (I think around 20 mins is I think the longest continuous period of work without a crash).  I wrote off thousands of pounds in lost editing time with my first CS4 project because of the constant crashes. I continue, however, to use CS3 quite happily.


      Premiere is the worst offender but AEX and Encore also crash a lot.


      It seems that I am worse affected than most but as it happens for different reasons every time, and on two completely different PCs, both of which run CS3 quite happily, I had pretty much given up hope of ever being able to use CS4.


      But what about these latest updates? Might they help?


      And another thought - would CS4 run smoother on my PCs if CS3 were removed? Obviously I am not prepared to risk that at the moment but if there is precedent for that problem I could try it on my laptop.



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          CS3 and CS4 can happily coexist on the same machine. Problems only arise when CS3 is removed. That requires a new installation of CS4.


          However, the constant crashing with CS4 is abnormal. The fact that it happens on two completely different machines seems to indicate that it is not hardware, but software on both machines that causes these crashes. If you want to figure is out, the first step is to supply all data as requested in the link here and all included links: Some suggestions


          Be sure to answer all questions at the end of the Wiki article and to attach the screenshots and files requested in the second link.

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            Thanks for your answer re CS3 - that's very helpful.


            How likely do you think it is that the updates might help me?


            Of course it is perfectly understandable that nobody can really help without full details of crashes and when they happen etc., but I just don't have the time to spend hours providing that kind of detail. I am working and I need quick answers and it seems that for CS4 there is no such thing.


            Certainly on the laptop, the presence of Quicktime resulted in AEX crashing immediately every single time I used it. When I removed Quicktime, AEX then worked reasonably well and only crashed every half hour or so. The presence of Quicktime on the desktop PC was not a particular problem.

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              QuickTime has often caused problems. That is why I prefer the name QuiRckTime.


              I have just installed the long awaited 4.2 update and will be trying it out. In general I believe that every update has done much to improve stability and reduce memory leaks and things like that. The 4.2 update is 175 MB, so there must be many improvements under the hood. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised if you try it. Just remember that you can import CS3 projects into CS4, but there is no way back, so be careful with your current projects.