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    Creating a looping product flash with several F4V's


      Hi all,


      I am virtually a complete n00b when it comes to Flash, but the task of creating an advert/product flash for one of our web platforms has fallen at my feet.  I don't expect to be hand fed a solution to my problem, but a little advice would be very gratefully recieved if anyone is feeling generous enough to help an old dog learn a new trick!?


      I just basically need someone to help me understand the steps I need to take, in order to acheive the required result (there seems to be several different ways of dealing with video and I'm getting a little confused):


      1. The movie needs to be able to display several streaming F4V videos in series, so it will play the first video, and then move onto the next clip, until all clips have been played.


      2. Once all F4V clips have been played the flash movie will loop back to beginning.


      3. Some sort of transition effect should be used to fade from one clip into the next if possible.


      4. It is neccessary to overlay animated text on top of each of the F4V clips in order to provide associated product information.



      Many thanks for reading,