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    Flash builder external launching URL


      Hi. Flash Builder launch configuration has the option to specify an external URL, but it hardcodes local file URIs, making launch configurations not portable across developers. This is easy to fix (please, forgive me for bending the rules of the terms of license -- it's in good faith).


      1. FlexLaunchConfiguration#getCustomLaunchURL needs to be modified to make use of Eclipse's built-in substitution variables.


                      url = VariablesPlugin.getDefault().getStringVariableManager().performStringSubstitution(
                              fConfiguration.getAttribute(attributeKey, ""));


      2. Add imports:


      import org.eclipse.core.variables.IStringVariableManager;
      import org.eclipse.core.variables.VariablesPlugin;


      3. Make "Adobe Flash Builder Launching" bundle depend on org.eclipse.core.variables.


      Voila. You can now have any launch URL you wish, including project-relative (but not hardcoded) resources, as in:




      It would be great if this could be integrated with the codebase, of course.