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    CGI Equivalent

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      I have been taking a look at AIR with a view to developing applicaions on it. I am a bit confused though. What carries out the equivalent of the server side code. Does this have to be in javascript / Flex as well?





      p.s. what's with this site. The pages take ages to load and this edit box is doing my head in - the cursor is blinking so madly I can't look at what I'm typing.

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          Have I got the wrong end of the stick here. I presumed that there was the equivalent of the web page / web server model even when the app is running locally.


          I have an application (written in vb.net on the server side - though I can probably port it to something else) and I was wanting to make it available as a desktop client application as well but I haven't found the documentation all that clear yet about my options.