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    Any existing XForms renderer/presenter for Flex?

      Hi all,
      Is there any XForms parser/renderer existing for Flex out there?

      I need to create a CMS that will have a Flex and a HTML incarnation. I want to avoid building 2 or 3 times the same form. So I want to centralize the data description and business model in one single XML file, so I think XForm is what I want, because, as said in its wikipedia page: XForm "is generic enough that it can also be used in a standalone manner or with presentation languages other than XHTML to describe a user interface"
      wikipedia: XForms

      Now what. Is there any effort done in that area in the Flex world?
      Can we start something?
      Maybe we could start with this JavaScript solution (formfaces)
      Edit: This should be more appropriate : Chiba XForms

      Anyone who wants to stop me doing this?
      Anyone who wants to help?


      P.S. And maybe I don't want to use the Flex IFrame solution. Don't know why though. I don't trust.