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    CS3 and AS2: Embedding an external swf file


      Hey everyone,

      I have built a few flash sites before and am trying to make one that is slightly more complicated and allows for dynamic, database stored images and text. I have built a dynamic gallery based on an XML feed in AS2 which works fine. I am trying to embed it into another FLA file that contains the remainder of the site (the gallery will be one page of the main site). I have tried a ridiculous number of different methods but just cannot get it to work. The gallery is built in AS2, so I am using an AS2 FLA file for the main template it is to be embedded in. The simplest method i have tried that i think should work is to create a new AS2 fla file, edit the actions on my actions layer to be:

      Empty.loadMovie("My Gallery.swf");

      I have then created a new layer for the content and added a MovieClip to the top left of it, named Empty. I have set the instance name of this movie clip to be Empty. From what I have understood from my reading this is the simplest way to display the external file but for some reason it just will not work. It seems to see My Gallery.swf as when i delete it from the local directory i get an 'Error opening URL 'file:///D|/Websites/My Gallery.swf'' message. This message does not appear when this file exists locally, however it just opens a blank screen with nothing within it.

      I have been reading numerous tutorials and posts and i'm pretty sure i'm being thick, but for some reason i can't seem to get it to work!

      Thanks so much for any light you could shed on this for my guys, it's driving me crazy!