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    Can i ship afm fonts downloaded from adobe with my application


      Hi everyone,


      I am new to fonts and other stuffs related to fonts.

      I am trying to creates some pdf document with iText(A pdf generation tool).

      I am using some afm font files for supporting fonts.

      My problem is;

      When i load those afm files , entries gets overlapped. ie ...if a entry has value "test" then all the characters are overlapped in pdf. After some initial analysis i found that my afm files were missing an "Entry -EncodingScheme ".

      When i manually put this entry "EncodingScheme StandardEncoding or AdobeStandardEncoding" in afm file ,all works fine.


      But there are so many afm files and i cannot do it manually for all fonts as i got to know that this entry - "EncodingScheme" varies for font to font.

      Please correct me if i am wrong.


      I got a link over internet on adobe site..where a lots of afm files are available to download. I checked one or more files from there and they had the above mentioned entry in them.


      My question is if i download afm files from adobe download link then can i ship them with my application or do i require some license for shipping them with my application.


      Please reply it soon..