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    Condition in ArrayCollection

    mfriasv Level 1

      I have an ASP application which retrieves the files form a MS SQL Server db.


      From my flex application the user can select the desired file to download. It looks for the file name as it is written in my flex app which is worng since the actual name in the SQL Server db is different.


      So now I am trying to solve this with an ArrayCollection that has both the file name as Flex knows it and the SQL Server name.


      var sdeName:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
      {label:"labelInFlexApp", data:"labelInSQL"}
      if (sdeName[label] == item.label){
      item.label = sdeName[data];
      var url:String = "http://server/getMetadata/metadata.aspx?sdeFeatName="+item.label+"&"+"outFormat=ISO";



      I do not know how to look for the value in my ArrayCollection and compare it with the real one.